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Google Algorithm Updates

Stay Up-To-Date With Latest Google Algorithm Changes

Search engines have changed the way people finding information. People search for any thing, you name it! From cute cat pics to interstellar galaxies. But, have you ever wonder how search engines find relevant sites and present it to you in their search results? The answer is their ranking algorithm. The ranking algorithm has changed so much since its inception. As a wise man once said - "Change is inevitable" People change, so does everything that affects them, Search engines are no exception.

Why Should You Care About Google Algorithm Changes?

It's simple! As I have told you earlier, change is inevitable. The tech industry is getting competitive every day and people with them. In order to remain on top, updates are necessary, in fact, Google changes its ranking algorithm almost 500-600 times in a year, Yes! You heard right, that's twice a day.

Google handles over 1.2 trillion search queries every year, that's 3.5 billion every day. In a world with 3.7 billion active Internet users, you have huge potential to grow your business and search engines are an important part of that. A recent survey showed that almost 90% of organic traffic goes to the 1st page. If you want to be on top, you need proper SEO for your website. A proper SEO means good knowledge of SEO guidelines, good knowledge of algorithm updates, good marketing knowledge, and proper skill set.

Major Google Algorithm Updates that Changed the Web

Over the course of several years, Google changed its algorithm countless times, but, here are some of the biggest updates that changed the Internet

Panda Update

Panda Updates mainly focused on content, it was one the most controversial update Google released. Panda update mainly hit websites with bad content that created no value for its users. Some of the most probable causes for panda penalty is thin content, spun/automated content, low CTR, high bounce rate, irrelevant content, low usability, and high load time. The websites hit by Panda penalties damaged badly and took months to recover.

Penguin Update

Penguin update was all about over-optimization and web spam. The main issue here was about links. As you might know, links are important. But, some people tried to fool search engines by buying paid links, on-site over-optimization, keyword stuffing, spam links, and over-optimized acher text. The damaged caused by penguin update was hard to recover from, many mighty sites fall from top position to nowhere. Penguin update affected millions of sites and left them in no choice but to hire a SEO.


Google's Hummingbird update changed the way people searching on the Internet. It was not an update for spammers or black-hats, it was for improving the way people finding relevant information. After Hummingbird, for the first time, websites/web pages would be able to rank for multiple keywords which carry a close resemblance to their main keyword. Hummingbird update changed the way search works and for the first time search engines were able to get a step closer towards accuracy of human intelligence.

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