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SEO Company in Pune

Search Engine Optimization is a methodology of strategies and techniques used to improve your website so that it can perform well in the search engine result pages. When we look at what people do online and how they find information, they are searching and that's how they find information. In this competitive world where the website count has reached over 6 per person if you wish to stand out, you better have a proper plan in place to promote your business.

SEO lies within the DNA of any online business and it is one of the best marketing strategies which provides highest ROI.

Search engines are the best way your customers and potential customers to find your business. But, they can only find you, if you appear on top. SEO has changed so much since its inception and it will continue to do so in future. The field of SEO is changing drastically and the techniques with it. When Google first got live, it was very popular due to its ranking algorithm. Back in those days, Google used backlinks as a prime factor for presenting the websites in SERP's.

Google has evolved since then and now, it uses over 200 factors to rank a site in its search results. So, SEO is really important aspect whether you own a blogging website, an E-commerce company, or a local business.

Why is SEO So Important?

90% of organic search traffic goes to the 1st-page results. What is more, excluding the paid ads, only 8% make it past the 1st page. So, if you are not on top, you mean nothing.

The Internet user count is increasing drastically in developing countries, especially in India. According to IAMAI report, the number of Internet users has crossed over 420 million in mid-2017 and projected to double by 2021.

Such markets have potential to grow and online businesses have real opportunities to target such audience to promote their business.

SEO drives highly targeted audience down to minor details which result in highest conversion rate than any other marketing methods. A recent survey showed that leads generated from SEO result in the conversion rate of whopping 15%, which is 12% higher than any conventional marketing means.

SEO can help you accelerate your sales, improve your credibility and help you in brand building and is a very cost-effective strategy with long-term impact.
An impact of a good SEO campaign can remain beyond time for weeks, months, and even for years after you stop spending money on your campaign.

The Best SEO Company in Pune – Evil Tech

At Evil Tech, we believe in quality and customer satisfaction and we work hard towards those goals every single day. We are one of the best SEO company in Pune as well as in India with years of experience helping businesses to succeed.

Being the best SEO company in India, we invest a lot of resources in research and development of best strategies for SEO. We ensure your website get high ranking in search results of several search engines.

Our SEO strategy is one of the most effective in the market and free from spam and black-hat practices. We ensure that every project we take on strictly follows Google guidelines, so it can produce better results in a very short period of time.

Our team of experts seasoned in the competitive industry is always ready to help with any problem you need. Our years of experience in SEO practices and result-driven approach ensures high PR for your website.

By hiring us as your SEO company, you can be worry-free of your website's SEO and only focus on your business.
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